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Milk chocolate (Bundle of 5 bars)

Milk chocolate (Bundle of 5 bars)

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Sugar free Milk Chocolate

A healthy and rich creamy milk chocolate with higher cocoa percentage, sweetened using monkfruit plant  that is ideal for healthy chocoholics, children, people following low carb diets! 100% natural. Free of Hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors.

No sugar added, gluten free, soy-free


Natural Cocoa butter - Milk powder - Erythritol - Cocoa mass - raw Cocoa powder - monkfruit plant extract - sunflower lecithin 


زبده كاكاو طبيعي, لبن بودر, إريثريتول، كتله الكاكاو, كاكاو خام, مستخلص المونك فروت, ليسيثين عباد الشمس

Weight: 35 grams

Nutrition facts: 

Serving size: one raw (7 g)  / Serving size per bar: 5

Calories: 34

Total fat: 3 g

Total carbs 0.9 g 

Sugars: 0.6 g

Protein 0.8 g 

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