Get to know us

Grazel is a local chocolate producer. Chocolate for us means much more than just a pure sweet, indulgence, or treat.
It is a precious work of art.
It is not simply produced, but is lovingly created through inspiration and passion. Our premium chocolate is carefully hand made from only the finest raw ingredients, bringing you unrivaled taste and quality.
It has always been our priority at Grazel that everyone can enjoy scrumptious chocolate, regardless of their dietary requirements.
Most of our great-tasting bars are free from dairy, refined sugar and gluten and it’s suitable for raw foodists, people leading healthy lifestyles, diabetic patients, and vegans.
We care for our people, for their health, and well-being. With ambition, passion and a great deal of creativity, we found the perfect balance between tasty flavors and a healthy lifestyle.
Natural Bites crafted with passion

Meet our founder—Haidy Samuel

Founder and chocolatier, Haidy Samuel, 
is driven by strong values concerning the health benefits of an alternative, less processed diet. In 2012, with her first baby, she decided to limit all kinds of processed, ready-to-go, and junk food, and started creatively cooking all kinds of food, and desserts from scratch, and it all started from here. Since then, she decided to turn her passion into a business. In 2017, she founded Natural Bites with a mission to add value to the Egyptian market through supporting adults and their children live a more balanced, healthier, and empowered lifestyle while enjoying their favorite foods
Being a pharmacist, has helped Haidy produce high quality, natural chocolates, that health conscious, and mindful foodies can feel content when incorporating into their healthy lifestyle.

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