85% Sugar-Free Chocolate - Hazelnut

85% Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate - Hazelnut

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85% Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate - Hazelnut

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This guilt-free chocolate made from pure cocoa butter is the perfect treat. It has 0 gm sugars, sweetened using stevia, vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, and entirely delicious. Hazelnut lovers, that's the perfect pick for you!!

No sugar added, gluten free, soy-free, vegan, keto

Natural Cocoa Butter, Raw cocoa powder, Hazelnut 30%, Stevia extract, Erythritol, 

Sunflower lecithin

,المكونات :زبدة كاكاو طبيعي ،بندق, ستيفيا, اريثريتول, كاكاو بودر خام, ليستين عباد الشمس

70 grams

Nutrition facts: 

 Serving size: 3 squares  /  Serving size per bar: 6

 Amount per serving 

 Calories 66
 Total fats 4.8 g
 Total carbs 2.7 g : Fibers 1.3 g / Sugar  0.2 g
 Protein 1 g