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Bundle of 6 Sugar free Milk Chocolates - Almond

Bundle of 6 Sugar free Milk Chocolates - Almond

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Sugar Free Milk Chocolates with Almonds - Bundle of 6 bars

Almonds lovers, this one's for you! A healthy and rich creamy milk chocolate with high cocoa percentage, sweetened using monkfruit plant, full of real bits of Almonds that is ideal for healthy chocoholics, children, people following low carb diets! 100% natural. Free of Hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors.

No sugar added, Gluten-free, Soy-free

Ingredients: Erythritol, Natural cocoa Butter, Milk powder, Roasted almonds, Cocoa mass, Raw cocoa powder, Monkfruit extract, Sunflower lecithin

المكونات: اريثريتول, زبده كاكاو طبيعي, لبن بودر, لوز محمص, كتله الكاكاو, كاكاو خام, مستخلص المونك فروت, ليسيثين عباد الشمس

57 grams

Nutrition facts: 

 Serving size: 9.5 g (one raw) /  Serving size per bar: 6

 Amount per serving 

 Calories 39
 Total fats:  3.5 g
 Total carbs:  1.33 g   Sugar  0.5 g
 Protein: 1 g 

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