100% Cocoa Unsweetened Dark Chocolate

100% Cocoa Unsweetened Dark Chocolate

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Cocoa 100% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

This bar is 100% Natural, Raw dark chocolate. It’s suitable for baking purposes. Our unsweetened baking bar will give your desserts the delectable essence of pure chocolate intensity. In addition to being hydrogenated oil free, it is

sugar free, gluten free, dairy Free & vegan. keto & paleo friendly.

Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin (less than 0.5%)

المكونات: عجينة كاكاو, زبده كاكاو طبيعي, كاكاو خام وليستين صويا

70 grams

Nutrition facts: 

 Serving size: 3 squares  /  Serving size per bar: 6

 Amount per serving 

 Calories 67
 Total fats 5 g
 Total carbs 3 g : Fibers 1.3 g / Sugar  0.2 g
 Protein 1 g